Growing up as a kid I totally loved painting my nails! Nothing has changed here as you can tell! I had a large caboodle full of my many different colored nail polishes including some of my own weird color mixes that I made. I didn’t limit my painting skills to my nails either I am pretty sure there was some inanimate objects that were claimed in the name of art.

My parents weren’t a big fan of some of my larger art projects and I’m sure there was a few spots of nail polish permanently dyed into various areas of the bathroom; however if it really bothered them they should probably not have kept buying me nail polish.

Ahhh the good ol’ days. Maybe once I build up my nail polish collection again I will revive my old mixing skills….I’m out of a camera for a couple days so you will have to wait to see/read my review of my August Julep box that arrived in the mail today. In the meantime here is a cute picture of me as a kid. Awwww!