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Big oOo on the Nail Front

So I just discoveredĀ which is an awesome website. They are among the new business venture of businesses boxing up all sorts of neat deals (this in particular catered to your style) that you pay a low monthly fee for (Which you can cancel at anytime! Oh yea and they are 4 free!). Personally I LOVE getting stuff in the mail as well and when its beauty products I love it even more, because I love to share! Did I mention that they also put some of the money from purchases towards helping out organizations that support woman, GIRL POWER YO! Plus its just fun to sparkle don’t you agree? I’m so excited to receive my first box! Stay tuned for reviews on the Julep front!



Nail Forgiveness

Nail polish and I have a love hate relationship mostly due to my lack of proper nails. My nails are a few crayons short of a full box or however that phrase goes. Not one nailĀ  shape matches the other and they also break super easily.

Recently I forgave the nail polish industry because frankly they will never be able to fix my nail problem no matter how awesome the color. So almost every week I’ve been experimenting with the plethora of new nail polish color.

Today’s post is demonstrating the awesome fusia color of Sally Hansen’s Insta-dry “Insta Iris”

Please excuse my deformed nails. I displayed the best one. Shhh don’t tell the others she is my favorite.