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Nail Mixology aka Trip Down Memory Lane

Growing up as a kid I totally loved painting my nails! Nothing has changed here as you can tell! I had a large caboodle full of my many different colored nail polishes including some of my own weird color mixes that I made. I didn’t limit my painting skills to my nails either I am pretty sure there was some inanimate objects that were claimed in the name of art.

My parents weren’t a big fan of some of my larger art projects and I’m sure there was a few spots of nail polish permanently dyed into various areas of the bathroom; however if it really bothered them they should probably not have kept buying me nail polish.

Ahhh the good ol’ days. Maybe once I build up my nail polish collection again I will revive my old mixing skills….I’m out of a camera for a couple days so you will have to wait to see/read my review of my August Julep box that arrived in the mail today. In the meantime here is a cute picture of me as a kid. Awwww!



Sleepy Hollow

So my first box of Julep came (not my August box, but my 2nd order I made after ordering my first box) and it is the Crackle Craze set that (after viewing a much needed tutorial) I have fallen in love with the crackle nail style! These were not easy nail colors to capture properly in photos due to the very sparkly/shiny, but I’m still new to trying to photograph my nails. I promise it will improve! The orange and white are my favorite as it makes me think of gnarly trees. I’m definitely ready for fall/Halloween/my birthday xD 

ImageI started out with Orly Nail Defense as a first layer for a smooth start. Then applied two coats of Fantasy Makers Rest in Pieces(purchased last year from Shopko, don’t judge) for a nice under coat so that the black with purple sparkles would pop with the brighter colors.



This is 3 of the 4 that come in the Crackle set. The black one would not have worked with the black under coat that I wanted so I left that to be used another time. This set I think worked out well with what I chose. 

ImageThe middle nail. I loved the white. Silver was harder to capture so I apologize for no example. BTW I do not have salon quality nails nor do I care, keeping it real 😉

ImageMy thumb nail which I love the most because it looks so spooky and pumpkin-y. Yay!




Spring inspiration

Here is a couple of outfits to get you inspired for Spring. In Wisconsin it still seems like Spring is far away, but before you know it, it is going to be time to don the cooler clothes, literally. I’m in love with lavender in 2013 because it is a great color that I feel you can truly pair with anything. Enjoy!



What the what about Sweaters!

Ok, so it winter time and I’ve been doing what any self-respecting Midwest woman is doing right now; which is looking for warm new sweaters to wear. Especially now that I’ve noticed all I own is hoodies all of a sudden (don’t ask). So after several hours during a shopping trip with my mom and sister I came away extremely disappointed that even though I did find a great New Years outfit I found not a single cute sweater that was warm! I’ve made several trips out to different stores since then and came away even more annoyed. What happened to designers out there!? Did we get lazy or am I just on a way different wavelength fashion wise right now, because if the sweater was cute it was paper-thin and everything else was horrendous! For example I went onto H&M’s website to show exactly what I mean.

Here is an example of a sweater that has a design on it (most just seem to be thrown on there as if ugly sweater’s are now the “In” thing which is really annoying if you were to ask me). Looking at this pattern and color scheme I can imagine myself wearing it without feeling embarrassed (especially tied in with a cute red scarf or my rose gold one).

Cute Sweater

Then we have the same sweater, but different color scheme and design. What I wonder is…were they drunk or maybe high when they thought this up? I’m a bit disgruntled!

What were they thinking!? Seriously!

What were they thinking!? Seriously!

So for those of you that may be reading…am I alone on this or does it seem like it is really hard to find cute sweaters (or blouses for that matter) without having to dig through the internet because frankly I’ve given up on finding them in stores…unless maybe if I go to H&M because from looking at their website there is some hope yet. Also I would like to add they have this cool new feature on their website where you can dress up a model to see how the outfit you want looks and it adds up the total of the outfit. Big thumbs up H&M, LOVE IT!