We have been blessed with a beautiful summer and I know it may be a bit late as soon we will be getting into fall fashion, but I wanted to pay tribute to summer fashion with some end of summer sales at one of my favorite stores to shop on the cheap: Target!


This particular is my favorite because its flirty, but still sort of casual.




A great outfit for a night out on the town.

Don’t worry I know that it seems like summer is ending all too soon, but what better time to snap up great deals on clothes that you will be able to wear next summer!?

Outfit 1:

Floppy Hat – $14.99

Sleeveless Dress – $22.48

Capri Tights – $4.25

Necklace – $9.98

Drop Leaf Earrings – $3.98

Three Bezel Bracelet – $6.98

High Heel Sandals – $14.98

Outfit Total: $77.64+tax

Outfit 2:

Flower Hair Clip – $3.99

Cowl Neck Tank – $10.48

High Low Skirt – $17.48

Drop Earrings – $7.48

Multi-Strand Necklace – $12.48

Beaded Silver Bracelet – $9.98

Glitter Peep-Toe Pump – $20.98

Outfit Total: $82.87+tax

Both outfits cost under $100 you really can’t beat that!