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My Favorite Hair Secret Revealed!

So once upon a time I had this jerk of a boyfriend but as with any relationship there is always something you take away from it. Other than the obvious lesson he did lead me to my favorite hair product Playclay by Claypac.

My hair is naturally curly but as many others like me can affirm this also means naturally frizzy. So here is my little demo of what it does for me. This works for wet and dry hair (I prefer to use it on dry hair).

Here is my freshly washed curls. As you can see my frizz is in effect.


Now taking a dime sized amount of playclay (the size of the tip of your ring finger). Wipe it into the center of your palm and add a small amount of water from the tap. Just enough to rub it between your hands and comb through your hair. You can reapply water because it usually leaves a little behind. I can usually do this a few times.


Voila perfectly coiffed curls! (There is still a little frizz, but its not as intense)


For what you use it lasts at least a year if not longer depending how often you are fighting frizz for me its every week or two.


Claypac (now Alto Bella) Playcay – $12 +ship on Amazon


Nail Forgiveness

Nail polish and I have a love hate relationship mostly due to my lack of proper nails. My nails are a few crayons short of a full box or however that phrase goes. Not one nailĀ  shape matches the other and they also break super easily.

Recently I forgave the nail polish industry because frankly they will never be able to fix my nail problem no matter how awesome the color. So almost every week I’ve been experimenting with the plethora of new nail polish color.

Today’s post is demonstrating the awesome fusia color of Sally Hansen’s Insta-dry “Insta Iris”

Please excuse my deformed nails. I displayed the best one. Shhh don’t tell the others she is my favorite.